In contrast to embroidery the applique is sewed on its own underlying material. The whole applique can be sewed onto the clothes. The applique can be sewed with the required full text or you can let it sewed onto different types of material – cotton, leather, polyester etc. The applique can be sewed onto most of textiles such as working and advertising clothes, T-shirts, uniforms or or bags. The next benefit is to let your appliques stocked up and sewed them onto the new clothes when needed.
We also have special iron-on appliques available – the plastic film base makes the application easier. You  don´ need to sew anything, it only has to be applied onto the place and ironed on. The applique could be fixed also with a velcro.          

What is needed to have your product made?

We need your graphic design to make a high-quality and effective embroidery. Based on your documentation a sewing program is created.

Maximal dimensions of the sewed area should be 54 x 34 cm. 

We manage to work with cdr, pdf,  jpg and other types of files so please feel free to send us your pattern in any program.

If you have no pattern available, it doesn´t matter! Please feel free to contact us! We´re glad to help you with the final design and preparation.

Order our high-quality appliques:

Fill in and send us the form below. Please feel free to write us what services you are interested in or let us informed about your special requirements.  

We keep in touch with an individual offer and start working on your applique as soon as possible.
Contact us on our e-mail address   or call: +420/ 775 662 732, 773 826 164.           

Appliques – reference

Look at our appliques that we have made recently HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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