Laser engraving


Engraving is a technique how to decorate textile products, wood, leather, plastic, paper or plexiglass effectively.  We use the most modern bridge laser machine Seit SL-10.
The most often used materials for engraving method are:


Textile engraving

Most of textile materials can be used for engraving. The design effect ist made by burning into an underlay. Engraving of a corporate logo into fleece material is very effective - fleece jackets, sweatshirs, caps, scarves, gloves etc. are available in our shop.


Engraving into leather

Leather goods can be marked with a corporate logo or different ornaments. Choose from our range of products: leathers, a purse, a glasses case, different pendants etc.

Engraving into wood         

is widely used method of decorating of wooden products, pieces, plywood or veneer. A logo or a picture engraved by laser looks really nice.
Each material has got different characteristics. We recommend you to test firstly if the material is suitable for engraving at all.

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