Machine embroidering

  • We produce made-to-measure embroideries and appliques for you. Our embroideries are distiguished by the long-term durability and first-class design.           
  • We decorate your uniforms or working clothes with the logo of your company or establishment.
  • We´re able to stitch the name or logo of your club onto your sport shirts.
  • We also produce advertising clothes that promotes your company or services effectively – the most sold items are T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and caps

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We make embroidering mainly onto a textile material. If  you wish to get an emroidery sewed into other materials as leather or polyester we´re able to produce the high-quality product that could be fixed to any underlay. 

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Appligues  , Embroideries, 3D embroideries, Applied embroideries        

We are able to create an embroidering program for our sewing machines. The technology ensures that all products are made in the same design.  
We do our best to fulfill our customer´s demands therefor we´re particular about reliable and obliging behaviour. If you wish anything special we are willing to help you at the maximum

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Write us what services you are interested in and if you have any special request for the design or embroidery itself.  We prepare an offer and a price calculation for you and contact you as soon as possible. After making an agreement we start working on your order. 

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